Medical Device Assembly
Robotic Machining

Assembly & Finishing

  • In-house assembly and finishing services save our customers time and money
  • Standard product assembly and clean room assembly
  • Ultra sonic plastic welding and plastic spin welding
  • Plastic hot stamping, pad printing and in mold labeling
  • Adding inserts, fasteners, handles, labels, and other features

Metro Mold & Design is a supplier that can reduce your overall project cost and time as we can build your molds, manufacture your product, do any assembly that is needed and ship your final product to you or your customers! As part of manufacturing value for our customers, Metro Mold & Design does assembly and finishing in-house saving our customers time and money! We can be your manufacturing and distribution headquarters!

As part of our assembly and finishing services, Metro Mold & Design offers standard product assembly, clean room assembly, ultra sonic plastic welding, plastic spin welding, and plastic hot stamping. With these services we can bring together your final product and brand the product with your company logo and patent information.

For molded products we provide secondary operations that include ultra sonic plastic welding and plastic spin welding. These two welding techniques are often the final steps in the assembly and finishing of molded products. Metro Mold & Design also has automated finishing equipment which can add final design features and trim blow molded parts.

Metro Mold & Design’s value added assembly includes adding inserts, fasteners, handles, labels, or other final features that make the product function to its specifications. At this stage we can also use plastic pad printing or plastic hot stamping to add cosmetic features and branding information. Or for a more durable solution we can use in mold labeling to add those cosmetic features and branding.

Our manufacturing team can also handle the manual assembly of products. And for many of Metro Mold & Design’s customers, assembly in a clean room is required. We have a hard sided clean room that we use for assembly of surgical instruments, medical devices, or other products that require minimal particles in the air. Our clean room assembly services are also performed in accordance with our ISO 13485 certified quality management system for medical device manufacturing.

Contact Metro Mold & Design or request a quote to learn more about our assembly and finishing, ultra sonic plastic welding and plastic spin welding services.