Extrusion Blow Molding
Extrusion Blow Molded Tonner Assembly3 Headed Continuous Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Extrusion Blow Molding

Metro Mold & Design’s excellent extrusion blow molding services complement our rapid plastic injection molding and thermoset plastic molding. We commonly utilize extrusion blow molding in the molding of hollow parts and custom plastic containers. At our state of the art facilities we have capacity both for small to large projects and we can meet diverse extrusion blow molding challenges. We accurately handle exceedingly complex parts and take pride in our reputation as a leader in solving mold manufacturing challenges. At Metro Mold & Design we have also further enhanced our secondary operations with the incorporation of robotics and automation - adding value, consistency and accuracy to your project.

Metro Mold & Design can complete almost any size or complexity of projects for our clients. We utilize up to date machines that provide us with a range of versatile capabilities to meet your needs. We have worked with plastic shot sizes for extrusion blow molding as small as 15 grams and up to as much as 35 lbs. Our philosophy at Metro Mold & Design places few limitations on complexity or production volume, and we are set up to handle both short run to long run needs.

At Metro Mold & Design we understand the importance of keeping pace with the continually advancing needs of the molding industry. Our extrusion blow molding equipment is regularly updated as we take pride in investing in the latest technology. We have machines that offer single, double and triple head capabilities, and we offer in mold labeling for many molded products. Our triple head blow molding machine is perfect for high volume production, and provides in mold labeling of containers and other products. This large, sophisticated machine has vast capabilities to overcome most any challenge.

Custom Plastic Containers

We offer both continuous extrusion blow molding and intermittent blow molding. Our continuous extrusion blow molding machines can consistently produce custom plastic containers at high volumes and a low cost. Metro Mold & Design manufactures high volumes of custom plastic containers and bottles for our customers on a regular basis. Combined with our in mold labeling capabilities, it’s hard to find a better supplier of custom plastic containers than Metro Mold & Design.

Extrusion Blow Molding

As with our other molding capabilities, Metro Mold & Design excels in handling complexity in extrusion blow molding as well. We have the experience and expertise in meeting the challenge of a blow molded part with tight tolerances, and the ability to provide insert molding and automated secondary operations.

One of the many ways that Metro Mold & Design manufactures value is by offering secondary operations and finishing services that will prepare your product for final use. Many of our secondary operations for extrusion blow molding are automated which saves time and improves the project’s bottom line. We utilize advanced robotics that can finish your product by cutting openings or holes, or by removing excess plastic and trimming edges for a smooth finish.

Our staff is ready to help meet your project challenge whether it is complex or simple or whether you need a small batch or a large volume run. Contact Metro Mold & Design to learn more about our extrusion blow molding and in mold labeling and request a quote today!