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Rapid Injection Molding

When quality, speed and precision are critical, look no further than Metro Mold & Design for ExpressPartsTM, our rapid injection molding service. We are a leader in accurate, tight tolerance, rapid injection molding projects. We offer fast turn injection molding with virtually no restrictions on your design. Your molded parts are turned around in 2 to 3 weeks and are superior in quality to many other rapid injection molding companies. We offer the distinct benefit of in-house operations from mold design to final product. We both manufacture molds and do rapid injection molding in-house, providing a quick turnaround that never compromises quality and precision.

Rapid Mold Manufacturing

In our rapid mold manufacturing and rapid injection molding process, Metro Mold & Design will work with you to provide a prototype of your product to the exact design requirements. We take the time to offer you our design input which has been developed over years in the injection molding industry. Our Project Manager and Operations team are hands-on contributors in producing your high quality mold and molded parts. Though we emphasize fast turnaround, we never trade quality, precision, or your design for speed. We aggressively work to meet your design requirements with total accuracy. Some of our competitors may offer parts in days, but they usually place restrictions on the design and limit the part complexity. Our fast turn injection molding is designed to combine fast production with precision so that your prototypes are accurate enough to meet the stringent requirements of your final products.

Fast Turn Injection Molding with ExpressParts™

Metro Mold & Design typically offers fast-turn runs from 50 to 10,000 parts. After using the prototypes created with our rapid injection molding, many customers then return to have us manufacture molds for production quantities of their final products. Alternatively for lower quantities we may be able to run production parts from your prototype molds. Our ExpressPartsTM meet your needs for quality, speed and precision.

We take the time to review and modify your prototype design for manufacturability. Our team has years of experience in many mold challenges and will help make design improvements. With extensive knowledge of tool and mold building we offer our valuable input so you can make the best choices with your rapid mold manufacturing and rapid injection molding. Our goal is to produce a product that adheres to the exact needs of your application.

For surgical instrument and medical device projects we are ISO 13485 certified, and if your product requires it we offer portable clean room molding and permanent clean room assembly. We offer ExpressPartsTM molding in a portable clean room environment if needed to ensure that the level of particulate meets your requirements. With ExpressPartsTM we offer fast turn injection molding and can provide a product that meets the exact requirements of your surgical instrument or medical device.

Our ExpressPartsTM rapid injection molding services allows you to design the product you need and allows you to refine your product before you move into long run production. We can help you with the mold design, make the changes you may need to meet your product requirements, and have molded parts in 2 to 3 weeks.

Contact us to learn more about our fast turn injection molding, or request a quote today! We look forward to helping you develop a mold and molded parts that will exceed your expectations.