Milti Cavity Rapid Injection Mold
Single Cavity Rapid Injection Mold

Rapid Mold Manufacturing

  • In-house mold design and mold manufacturing
  • Precision single and multi-cavity molds
  • Rapid prototype to high volume molds
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Fast turnaround

Metro Mold & Design began in the mold manufacturing industry in 1973, and our company has grown steadily since then. We operate with state of the art equipment and run multiple shifts of rapid mold manufacturing so we can quickly manufacture your precision molds! We have an experienced and dedicated team that supports all aspects of rapid mold manufacturing and plastic injection mold design. Metro Mold & Design’s rapid mold manufacturing capabilities include mold design, mold programming, MoldFlow® analysis, and in-house mold manufacturing. We offer fast turnaround with extra attention to design for manufacturability and quality assurance, resulting in added value. We take ownership in the quality of your plastic injection mold design and final product. Our designers, programmers and manufacturing experts are all ready to serve you!

Metro Mold & Design manufactures and designs molds in-house while many of our plastic injection molding competitors do not. This capability gives us a distinct lead-time and quality advantage. When we manufacture a mold, our team develops a first-hand understanding of the mold requirements and they follow the mold as it is built. Our involvement throughout the mold manufacturing process ultimately improves your final product, achieving optimum accuracy for your mold and final part. Once we have manufactured your mold, with our extensive molding capabilities we can easily mold your products as well. Or if you prefer we can deliver the mold to your facility for your own use.

Single & Multi-Cavity Molds

We can meet an exciting range of needs with our rapid mold manufacturing. From single cavity molds for lower volumes to multi-cavity molds for high volume parts, we are equipped and ready for any challenge. Depending on your needs we can design and manufacture molds meant for a few thousand parts up to millions of parts. Our rapid mold manufacturing is a great value, especially when you consider all the aspects of a quality mold, including initial cost, maintenance cost, reliability, mold life, and the quality of your finished parts.

Metro Mold & Design can easily handle simple molds, and we excel in handling complexity. Many customers come to Metro Mold & Design because of our reputation of handling complex needs which many other companies cannot. We provide simple mold manufacturing and leading design and manufacturing of precise and complex molds and molded parts. We have the experience, equipment, technology and processes to ensure your product is long lasting and of high quality.

Our prototype molds are made from aluminum or steel. Aluminum is less expensive, and may be used in low volume runs up to 10,000 parts. Steel molds have longer life and they may be designed and built to last for millions of parts. Metro Mold & Design carefully considers how to complete a product that runs well, lasts long, and can be manufactured with efficiency. We can also design and manufacture your molds with automation in mind so you can achieve additional quality and cost benefits with automated manufacturing.

Plastic Injection Mold Design

Metro Mold & Design offers optional MoldFlow® Analysis on your mold design. Using MoldFlow® Software created by Autodesk we can test your design requirements and make changes before beginning the manufacturing phase saving the expense of creating numerous molds until obtaining the correct design. With Autodesk® MoldFlow® we can analyze the CAD drawing, the wall thickness of the product, the capability to fill the mold and the environment for manufacturing. This MoldFlow® Analysis is highly beneficial and allows troubleshooting before starting production.

Metro Mold & Design has provided high quality products for over 30 years; and we provide rapid mold manufacturing for many industries including general manufacturing, surgical instruments and medical devices, and the fuel cell industries. We are ISO 9001 certified and are ISO 13485 certified for medical device manufacturing. We manufacture value and consistently meet the needs of our customers.

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