Thermoset Compression Molding
Thermoset Compression MoldingInjection and Compression Molding

Thermoset Plastic Molding

  • 80 ton to 800 ton presses for small to large parts
  • Transfer, compression, and injection thermoset plastic molding
  • Materials include SMC, BMC, TMC, and granular

Thermoset plastic molding is a molding process not offered by many of Metro Mold & Design’s competitors. Thermoset plastic molding has been around for years, but Metro Mold & Design has found new ways to apply thermoset plastic molding. Metro Mold & Design has discovered innovative ways to utilize thermoset plastic molding, and has invested in new equipment for thermoset plastic molding. We have thermoset plastic molding capabilities from 80 tons up to 800 tons, and our 800 ton thermoset molding press is one of the largest presses used in the U.S. fuel cell industry.

Thermoset Plastic Insert Molding

Thermoset plastic molding is well suited to products that must be strong, rigid, and withstand severe environments or conditions. Over the years, Metro Mold & Design has thermoset plastic molded a wide range of products including fuel cell plates, electrical enclosures, dental equipment, and many more. We offer 3 kinds of thermoset plastic molding: transfer, compression and injection thermoset plastic molding.

We have used many materials in thermoset plastic molding including sheet mold compound (SMC), bulk mold compound (BMC), thick molding compound (TMC), and granular materials. These types of materials provide the durability that thermoset plastic molding is known for. Products formed using thermoset are so durable they can withstand chemicals and extreme climates and temperatures.

Thermoset Plastic Molding for Fuel Cell Plates

Since 1997, Metro Mold & Design has been applying thermoset plastic molding technology to manufacture fuel cell plates. Our thermoset molding technology and experience allows us to mold flow-fields into the fuel cell plates which saves time and money for our clients. Thermoset plastic molding the flow fields into the fuel cell plates instead of CNC machining them improves the manufacturing process for high volume production of fuel cells. Our philosophy of design for manufacturability is a main factor in our thermoset plastic molding of fuel cell plates. We have already begun automating our thermoset plastic molding, which will decrease costs and help make fuel cells more attractive for commercialization.

Metro Mold & Design is an innovator in the rapid injection molding industry, and is unique in that we offer three types of molding: Thermoset plastic molding, plastic injection molding, and extrusion blow molding. We look not only to the future to determine the best methods of molding, but we continually seek to improve upon current molding processes. Our thermoset plastic molding process is a traditional molding technology that we have applied in new ways to create effective molded parts.

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