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Delivering Impact Creative Solutions

More Than the Sum of Our Parts

At Metro Mold & Design, we do a lot of the same things that other manufacturers do. The difference is we know how to use them together to streamline supply chains, speed up processes and create unique solutions. Whether we outsource or keep everything in-house, we’re able to seamlessly integrate and control the entire process to maximize quality and efficiency.

With a selective approach that focuses on designing custom solutions, we put ourselves in a position to maximize production consistency and ensure success. Deliberately choosing work where our upfront engineering assures the process doesn’t falter in production, we empower our employees to provide customers with dedicated, collaborative teams.


We pride ourselves on offering our customers the “best of both worlds” when it comes to dealing with a manufacturer that has the skills and facilities to accomplish their most robust applications with the personal touch and responsiveness of a smaller organization. Customers can always count on getting the attention they deserve when they work with us. We will quickly prove our eagerness to tackle their high-volume, sophisticated projects with the swiftness and vigor they need to succeed.