We See the Possible in Impossible

At Metro Mold & Design, our unique, atypical perspectives empower us to see things differently. Where others see an obstacle, we see an opportunity for true innovation. Together, let’s turn the seemingly impossible into breakthrough results, positioning your company as a leader in your market.

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Crunch Time Performance

When failure is not an option and pressure is at its greatest, MMD delivers innovative, game-changing manufacturing solutions.

Machine or Not to Machine? It's All in the Fixture

How do you capture market demand for an atypically-shaped, implantable part with complex geometry when you can’t reduce costs or ensure quality by machining it?  Solution »

Trick Question: Can You Make a Hole without Boring It?

How do you bore a hole without leaving a trace of the material that was once there – especially in a medical application, where leaving shavings behind is problematic?  Solution »

Investing in Short-Term R&D Delivers Long-Term Rewards

What do you do when you can’t hold the internal tolerances, finishes and concentricity of a part used to accurately apply medical coatings to implantable stents?  Solution »

Rediscover Possible

True innovation starts with a vision to push the limits of the seemingly impossible.

Never Settle: Three Lessons from the Navy SEALs
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Pushing the Limits of Material Manufacturing
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2 Strategies in the Arms Race for Market Share
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Looking at the Unlimited Possibilities When Designing for Manufacturability
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We’re never short on new ideas. See what we’re up to, and find out how we can help you overcome your next impossible manufacturing challenge.

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