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We Don’t Set New Standards — We Help YOU Do That.

At Metro Mold & Design, we believe nothing should stand in the way of achieving the breakthrough innovation you need to drastically reduce cost, substantially increase market share, or set new industry standards. And when you need to push the limits of what’s possible to accomplish your crucial business objectives, we’re the manufacturing partner you can count on to help you do just that.

Applying a deep expertise in processes and materials with an intimate knowledge of mold and part design, our intentionally diverse teams of troubleshooters view challenges holistically, from an array of unique perspectives. This is how we see problems from every angle in order to clearly identify their root cause.

Once we define the true essence of a challenge, we have the experience and confidence to push beyond limitations with a radical, atypical approach to problem solving. Closely collaborating with you, we scientifically test the parameters of materials, parts and processes to ultimately arrive at a level of innovation that ensures project success – without ever compromising your goals.




Overcoming seemingly impossible manufacturing challenges isn’t something we just decided to do; it’s been our company DNA for more than forty years. Here’s how we’re able to deliver solutions to achieve the game-changing innovation you need to capture major market share:

Range of manufacturing expertise

Range of manufacturing expertise

With roots in tool making, years of experience in injection, thermoset, and blow molding, and a team of highly skilled machinists, we are skilled in all aspects of the manufacturing process, across a broad range of applications and industries. Doing everything in-house, including assembly and finishing as needed, allows us to shorten customer lead times, enhance quality control, streamline processes, and minimize expenses.

World-class facilities

World-class facilities

From Swiss machines to medical-grade cleanrooms, our infrastructure and equipment is designed to handle highly sophisticated, critical applications. We continually invest in the latest technologies and machinery to remain at the forefront of innovation. Furthermore, if your specific project requires an upfront investment to tackle an impossible challenge, we’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish your long-term business objectives.

Disciplined, tenacious and radical problem solvers

Disciplined, tenacious and radical problem solvers

The MMD culture is made up of experienced teams, from a range of backgrounds, who don’t take “no” for an answer and are determined to see the possible in impossible. Collectively, we view seemingly impossible challenges as obstacles we have yet to overcome. This can-do attitude permeates throughout our entire organization, enabling us to better serve you in all aspects of our business.

we take a radical approach to problem solving... fresh thinking

At Metro Mold & Design, our unique, atypical perspectives empower us to see things differently. Where others see an obstacle, we see an opportunity for true innovation. Together, let’s turn the seemingly impossible into breakthrough results, positioning your company as a leader in your market.

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