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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Manufacturing Partner

By: Metro Mold & Design
Published: October 1, 2015

According to Director of Engineering for Cirtec Medical Systems, Asheesh Divetia, here are 5 reasons he chooses to work with Metro Mold & Design for his manufacturing needs:


Custom Application – As the program manager for this specific job, Divetia needed to find a contractor to...


help transition from Research & Development to production-level tooling. Essentially, he needed to find a company that allowed him to get low-volume tooling at a competitive price. Also, with so many moving parts, he knew he needed a partner with flexibility and accountability. Three years later, the partnership continues to thrive.


Strong Reputation - The new CEO referred Metro Mold & Design to Divetia based on previous experience working with them on a machining job...


He said they were a high-performing, high-volume shop that understood the process and could be relied on to deliver quality results with quick turnaround times.


Facilities & Capabilities – Upon visiting Metro Mold & Design’s Minnesota plant, Divetia was impressed with the cleanliness and organization of the shop...


This was important to him, being in the medical field and needing to maintain compliance and quality standards at all times. He also noticed that they had room for expansion, displaying a capacity to grow in the future.


Communication - All points of contact have shown to be very likeable, easy to communicate and do business with...


From the sales lead to the project coordinator to the project manager/engineer, everyone is responsive, friendly and eager to assist Divetia with his specific needs and concerns.


Collaboration & Expertise - Time and again, Metro Mold & Design has proven to be more than capable of handling Divetia’s requests...


and delivering the results he needs, on time and exceeding expectations. Being highly responsive, Divetia views Metro Mold & Design as an extension of his team, working together to continually overcome obstacles and move forward with efficient production.

Divetia recently doubled MMD’s workload on this project, noting his trust in their ability to continue to meet his demands and deliver the results he needs to succeed.

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