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Sometimes, even the best and brightest minds can exhaust every possible, foreseeable solution – that’s where we come in. At Metro Mold & Design, we specialize in unique manufacturing ideas for complex issues. Our unorthodox, fresh approach to problem-solving is often all that’s needed to make the impossible possible. Adding our expertise will help your business start its next product launch on the right foot.

Discover how we confront challenges and break down barriers to find innovative solutions across these four categories:

Design for manufacturability while thinking outside the box

Taking a Radical Approach

As critical supply chain partners, it’s important to facilitate high-quality, custom molding and machining solutions with a focus on design for manufacturability. We don’t view innovation as simply following the latest trends, we strive to create those trends. Finding solutions can make or break your product manufacturing process.


Push materials further and manufacture without limits

Pushing Materials Further

Some manufacturing partners are always looking to push the limits of material performance. With extensive knowledge and understanding of material properties, they know how to get the most out of the tightest tolerances and complex geometries.


Finding a manufacturing partner

Improving Manufacturing Outcomes by Collaborating

An ideal manufacturing partner functions like an extension of its partners’ design and engineering teams. Knowing the project goals and past challenges helps us work with more precision and maximize your profit. Working intimately with its clients, they get to truly understand their partners’ businesses and objectives so that they can find the most effective, cost-saving solutions to fit their needs. Thriving on collaborating, the goal is to continually find better, more innovative processes to get projects done better and faster.


Use innovative design to build the impossible

Designing Without Compromise

Creative manufacturing partners take pride in offering unlimited possibilities when it comes to designing for manufacturability. Your business ideas shouldn’t be limited by manufacturing capabilities. This lies at the heart of the Art of the Impossible – a solution always exists, it just takes the right partner to find it.


we take a radical approach to problem solving... fresh thinking

At Metro Mold & Design, our unique, atypical perspectives empower us to see things differently. Where others see an obstacle, we see an opportunity for true innovation. Together, let’s turn the seemingly impossible into breakthrough results, positioning your company as a leader in your market.

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