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If All Else Fails, Just Get It Done

By: Metro Mold & Design
Published: November 1, 2015

At Metro Mold & Design, we play by a different set of rules. That means we approach problem solving creatively, unfettered, without any restrictions. We don’t adhere to how things are “normally” done. We believe that a solution always exists; we just need to find it.

When it comes to dealing with OEMs, we find our approach to problem solving particularly effective. Here’s how we apply our mantra to specific industry concerns to accomplish our partners’ goals:

Have Confidence, Earn Respect

We have years of relevant experience to apply to understanding an OEM’s vision for its products and brand. With the confidence that comes with having done it before, we are able to apply what’s worked in the past to start uncovering a path to the solution. Working within their budget and timeline, we earn their respect and form the foundation for beneficial, long-term relationships.

Make A Plan

Evaluating functionality, materials, components and specifications determines how we attack projects. Then, we look at each problem from every angle possible. Are there other ways to reach the objective? Are there secondary requirements? Are there better suited materials? Is redesign possible? Since OEM products often solve an unmet need, we need to look at things differently in order to find a solution - that may have even been unintended – that’s more cost-effective, provides a major competitive advantage or opens new market opportunities.

Have a Persistent Attitude

We constantly remind ourselves that nothing is impossible. If we’re able to truly understand how a part functions and what the objective is, we will find a way to make it work. Working together with our clients, we see their big picture and can assess the road ahead. Then, even if the design cannot change, we can still find ways to break down each challenge to determine which manufacturing “breakthroughs” it will take to produce it.

Collaborate and Work as a Team

Collectively, we can better recognize potential problems and challenges early on to streamline the process and improve the timeline. Bringing a broad expertise in a range of manufacturing methodologies gives us a pool of knowledge to draw from. Working as a team, with open, honest communication helps us build trust with customers and makes for successful partnerships. OEMs usually approach us with a sense of urgency, and with our prompt responsiveness, we are able to make sure they meet their strict deadlines.

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