Metro Mold & Design’s Unique Approach to “Manufacturing the Impossible”
Initiative targets companies whose projects are at risk of failure

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (October 22, 2015) – Metro Mold & Design, a Minneapolis-based manufacturer with proven competencies in tackling the most complex manufacturing challenges, has launched a program to help OEM’s turn impossible to manufacture challenges into successful outcomes.

The program specifically targets OEM’s who find themselves at a critical juncture in the launch of their new product – when their manufacturing partner says the part as it’s designed can’t be made. Making matters worse, small changes in key attributes of the product can compromise the business goals and objectives the product was designed to produce. This is where Metro Mold & Design steps in.

According to Greg Heinemann, Metro Mold CEO, the ability to make the impossible part fills an important gap in the marketplace. “Today’s OEM’s are banking on the design or redesign of products to accomplish big business goals. On rare occasions they need a highly creative and atypical manufacturing solution that their current supply base just simply can’t produce. This is where Metro Mold really excels.”

Metro Mold’s radically different and highly creative approach to solving manufacturing problems is coupled with a tenacious, highly competitive spirit and an uncommon integration of competencies. The end result: Metro Mold succeeds where others fail. The company’s proven success includes using materials that are extremely difficult to manufacture, creating unique processes that combine molding and machining, and achieving the complex geometries and tight tolerances that often elude other manufacturers.

“Our team members bring a truly unique mix of perspectives and competencies that drive us to look beyond the typical solution to find the right solution for our customers,” Heinemann explained. “Attacking the problem from every possible angle without assumptions or limitations, we recognize the importance of the business objectives our customers are after. We give our customers the confidence to know that we will not limit their creativity and innovation, but rather enhance their ability to get the product launched successfully.”

The program is directed at OEMs and their supply chain partners. The goal is to provide solutions to help companies successfully launch new products when all signs indicate that it just can’t be done. If you ask Heinemann, “Nothing is impossible with the right partners.”

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Leveraging a range of broad, often atypical perspectives, Metro Mold & Design’s dedicated and talented team attacks challenges from every angle. Aligning with its customers’ goals, MMD launches their products to market faster, drives breakthrough technologies and creates innovative solutions that accelerate their profitability. With a relentless commitment to always improve, the company continually reinvests in cutting-edge technologies and radical-thinking problem solvers to redefine the standard of excellence, now and for years to come.


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At Metro Mold, we take a radical approach to problem solving. Free of assumptions, we tackle manufacturing challenges from every possible angle with extraordinary creativity, redefining limits as we go. We call that the Art of the Impossible.

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