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Nothing is impossible to manufacture - the solution hasn't been thought of yet.

When failure is not an option and pressure is at its greatest, MMD delivers innovative manufacturing solutions. Relying on its tenacious approach to problem solving, MMD turns crucial goals into game-changing results, helping you successfully launch products when all hope was apparently lost.

Turning Your Deadline into the Finish Line

Trick Question: Can You Make a Hole without Boring It?

How do you make a hole without drilling one, avoiding leaving any shavings behind that could contaminate the contents of the medical tube it’s used in?  Solution »

Investing in Your Success

Investing in Short-Term R&D Delivers Long-Term Rewards

When R&D is required to deliver the right long-term solution, how do you know how much time to invest in the short term to yield maximize production efficiency and success over time?  Solution »

Overcoming the Impossible with Breakthrough Innovation

Machine or Not to Machine? It’s All in the Fixture

What do you do when, in theory, machining would be the one way to achieve the complex geometry you need to launch your product, but in reality, it’s impossible to perform without damaging the part?  Solution »

We See the Possible in Impossible
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We Don’t Set New Standards – We Help You Do That

Can’t compromise your business objectives for the sake of manufacturability? Then don’t. Instead, let’s streamline your supply chain or optimize processes in a way that gets you to market.

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Rediscover Possible

True innovation starts with a vision to push the limits of the seemingly impossible.

Never Settle: Three Lessons from the Navy SEALs
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Pushing the Limits of Material Manufacturing
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2 Strategies in the Arms Race for Market Share
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Looking at the Unlimited Possibilities When Designing for Manufacturability
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