General Manufacturing

  • Serving start-up companies to major corporations in many industries
  • Design for manufacturability, rapid mold manufacturing, and precision CNC machining
  • Custom plastic injection molding, thermoset plastic molding, extrusion blow molding
  • Get your new product or technology to market quickly
  • Your one source for manufacturing, assembly, finishing, and distribution

Custom Plastic Injection Molding, Precision CNC Machining & More

Metro Mold & Design provides custom plastic injection molding, thermoset plastic molding, extrusion blow molding and precision CNC machining to a wide range of industries both nationally and internationally. We serve a variety of clients, from small companies just starting up, to major corporations with established histories. We can manufacture a single mold or component as a deliverable, or we can provide complete product development and manufacturing with assembly and finishing services. Metro Mold & Design has a solution for your general manufacturing needs, no matter what the project requires.

Complete Manufacturing Solutions

All of our capabilities at Metro Mold & Design can be utilized for general manufacturing. The core capabilities that our customers utilize most often are design for manufacturability, mold manufacturing, custom plastic injection molding, thermoset plastic molding, extrusion blow molding and precision CNC machining. Even though your product or industry may be unique, Metro Mold & Design is able to leverage our diverse manufacturing experience to match your precise needs.

At Metro Mold & Design we offer multiple services so we can be your one source for manufacturing and distribution.  Our plastic injection molding is versatile to accommodate projects big or small, and we have 33 ton to 650 ton presses to mold a wide range of product sizes. We utilize robotic automation for maximum volume and to reduce cost. Thermoset plastic molding is perfect when strength and durability are needed to withstand extreme conditions or loads. We have single, double, and triple head capabilities in extrusion blow molding to accommodate low or high volume custom plastic containers or other hollow molded parts. Our precision CNC machining staff can handle your project from beginning to end with accuracy. And for any project that Metro Mold & Design takes on we ensure that we manufacture value and quality every step of the way.

An increasing number of our customers with general manufacturing needs have new products or technologies which they must quickly get to market. They chose Metro Mold & Design to manufacture their finished products, because we can utilize our capacity and expertise to get to market fast.  By choosing Metro Mold & Design as their complete manufacturing solution, they can also eliminate the expense of adding their own people, equipment and space.

Contact Metro Mold & Design to learn more about general manufacturing services. Request a quote today and let us satisfy your project needs!