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Sophistication and Trust When it Matters Most

At MMD Medical, we don’t mind being the safe choice. After all, when it comes to making components for life-sustaining applications for a Class II or Class III medical device, safe is good – really good. We thrive at instilling confidence in our customers, delivering on their expectations with speed and accuracy they can rely on.

As we strive to develop highly controlled processes at the beginning of every new project, our ability to launch products on time while meeting customer regulatory or specification requirements makes us a true low-risk option our customers can trust.

Here are some of the steps we take, rather than omit, to deliver better results:

  • Invest in the Latest Technology

    We choose to invest in the latest equipment to give our customers the most competitive price and supply chain reliability. Where applicable, we invest in like platforms to leverage our team members’ core technical skills across multiple platforms. Serving the medical market and producing change-sensitive products, we understand the need to have equipment that will service our customers for the life of their products. New technology allows us to serve our customers through enhanced vertical integration. By combining primary and downstream operations we eliminate supply chain steps, driving speed and quality.

  • Combine a Broad Range of Competencies

    With our design, tool making, molding, and machining capabilities, we can creatively engineer processes that allow us to achieve tighter tolerances, eliminate secondary operations, improve quality, and produce more complex geometries by combining our expertise across disciplines. For example, we can mold and machine a part for precision that could otherwise not be achieved by simply molding it. We can also:

    • Mold blanks and then machine, saving cost when dealing with more expensive materials.
    • Machine and insert mold to reduce the need to perform secondary assembly operations.
    • Mold previously unmoldable features directly into parts, skipping secondary operations that were previously required to create such features.
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design of Experiment (DOE) Expertise

    We are diligent collaborators with customers, maintaining high levels of communication and responsiveness throughout the process. This is especially important when developing the right, repeatable process prior to going into production. In doing so, we maintain quality will never be sacrificed for speed. We achieve supreme speed through running parallel processes, eliminating unnecessary downstream operations, influencing operation sequences to optimize process efficiency and doing it all right the first time

  • Integrate Quality Planning

    We recognize product quality and compliance as a competitive advantage, and employ comprehensive quality planning from the start to achieve and maintain our customers’ design and regulatory requirements. This is driven systemically throughout our extensive quality management system (QMS), where we continuously identify and execute improvements to assure all new challenges and risks are addressed completely, before they become a problem.

A Seamless Transition

Customers frequently come to us when they:

  1. Have trouble meeting deadlines.
  2. Outgrow their current supplier.
  3. Can’t risk using sub-quality parts.
  4. Need to shorten lead times.
  5. Want a more flexible partner.
  6. Require more attentive service.
  7. Encounter a technical challenge that can’t be solved.

When customers become overburdened with their operation, they can trust MMD Medical to seamlessly integrate their processes with our own, resulting in maintaining tighter control over lead times, tolerances and quality, launching their high-performance products faster.