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MD&M West, Booth #2477,
February 6-8, 2018

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win!

When it comes to delivering on our customers’ critical business objectives, at MMD Medical, it’s all about accelerated problem-solving – speeding products to commercialization – on time and on budget.

To help our customers launch innovative, life-saving products on time, our team has become experts at solving problems under pressure helping our customers get to market an average of 15% faster!

Now, we’re looking to see who else has what it takes. Here’s your chance to see if you can deliver an engineering solution in crunch-time!

Take the MMD Challenge at Booth #2477

Three shapes, one lump of Silly Putty® and YOU! Sounds simple, right? Think again:

At MD&M Minneapolis only 4 out of 46 participants completed it in the allotted time.
Can You?

Participating is Easy

  1. 1 Use Silly Putty and your impressive design and engineering skills to solve the puzzle.
  2. 2 Complete the challenge in three minutes or less.
  3. 3 The winning time will receive a $500 Amazon gift card.

Avoid the Rush – Reserve Your Spot Now!

MD&M West Leaderboard

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1 Joanne Richard 1:10
2 Dan Piha 1:43
3 Mark Wolf 2:17
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