Project Management

Project Management

  • Experienced project managers turn projects around on-time and ensure high quality products
  • Specific expertise matched to your project’s demands
  • One contact at Metro Mold & Design as your go-to person for the project
  • Your Metro Mold & Design project manager is also your “account manager”
  • Consistently receive positive feedback from our customers

Our unique and comprehensive approach to project management enables Metro Mold & Design to be most effective with your mold manufacturing, molding, and machining projects. Our customers often mention that their experience was enhanced by the project management they received in both custom plastic injection molding and precision CNC machining services. We understand choosing a plastic injection molding or precision CNC machining supplier depends upon more than advanced equipment and quality results; it is based upon the interaction and commitment that a our Project Managers offer. Our project management and design for manufacturability allow Metro Mold & Design to keep your costs low, turn your project around in a timely fashion and ensure a high quality product that ultimately meets your expectations.

Metro Mold & Design provides a project manager for each project that we take on. Each project manager at Metro Mold & Design has an area of specific expertise and they are matched based upon your project’s demands. No matter what industry you work within, our project managers will have related knowledge and background to improve the outcome of your project. We understand that each project has its own set of demands and priorities, so we provide you the attention and skill to perfectly attack every challenge.

Structure of Project Management

The structure of our project management service involves frequent client contact and conversation. When you choose Metro Mold & Design we understand it is a commitment, and we respond with dedication and hard work on your project. Our large staff of project managers provides you with one contact at Metro Mold & Design to be your go-to person for all aspects of your project and any follow up when the project is completed. The project manager is also your account manager for the duration of the time that you do business with Metro Mold & Design. This unique arrangement provides you with one person that understands your industry, business and the various needs you have for each unique project. They coordinate the whole project and take pride and a sense of ownership in the final product. This plays a huge role in the design for manufacturability of your product. Our project managers help us lower your costs and be as efficient as we can in the manufacturing process.

Metro Mold & Design’s project managers are a key part of our company. We understand that your projects deserve significant dedication and time to be completed to the exact requirements. We are proud of the project management service we have developed and refined for our clients. Metro Mold & Design is truly a supplier that will give you the attention that you need. Our project managers ensure projects are completed in a timely manner and provide our customers the attention they deserve.

Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about the project management services we provide and how we can ensure you a high quality experience working with Metro Mold & Design! We offer design for manufacturability in our custom plastic injection molding, precision CNC machining and all the other manufacturing that we do!