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Our Processes

A Three-Pronged Approach to Overcoming Complex Manufacturing Challenges

After decades of manufacturing experience, we didn’t stumble upon our approach by chance. It reflects years of developing a range of core competencies, an understanding of how to turn manufacturing challenges into game-changing business solutions and the desire to always innovate.

Here are the three components of our company culture that breed true innovation:

  1. Radical creativity – Bringing a broad range of perspectives to the table allows us to see challenges from every angle. This 360-degree view is how we overcome the myriad of quality and delivery issues that create intermittent downtime.
  2. Discipline – Selective in the partners we choose, the employees we hire, and the jobs we take on, we work on projects that benefit from our upfront engineering and allow us to test hypotheses with the scientific method, assuring processes don’t falter in production.
  3. Tenacity – We won’t quit – failure is not an option. We don’t stop pursuing knowledge and better solutions because we have a collective thirst for continual progress.

Approaching a problem in this way allows us to accurately identify its root cause, see it holistically, define a solution, and test the process to achieve replication.

Metro Mold & Design’s ISO Certificates:
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13845:2016 – Medical Facility