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Capabilities Molding

Molding done better

Metro Mold & Design is an innovator in the injection molding industry, continually seeking to improve upon current molding processes. With our broad range of manufacturing capabilities and sophisticated machinery, we are leaders in accurate, tight tolerance, rapid injection molding projects. We offer fast-turn injection molding with virtually no restrictions on design.

We are unique in that we offer multiple molding methods:

  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding

    We have two fully-equipped facilities with state-of-the-art machines to reliably produce custom plastic injection molding of small to large molded parts.  We thrive at fulfilling high-volume, low-mix injection molding opportunities with maximum efficiency while never compromising accuracy.

    Our main attributes are:

    • Specializing in high volumes
    • 33 ton to 650 ton presses for small to large parts
    • Robotic automation for 24/7 operations
    • Insert molding and over-molding
    • Single and multi-cavity options
    • Variety of controlled environments (from Class 7 clean room to custom)
    • Experienced with highly engineered resins
    • Two Shot Injection Molding
      • We spin, stack and rotary platen two-shot applications
      • Our highly experienced team will pick the right application to meet the demand
  • Thermoset and Blow Molding

    Just like many other manufacturers, we’re capable of doing these two basic molding operations. However, at Metro Mold & Design, we have found new ways to apply them. By utilizing our broad and unique perspectives, we discover innovative ways to utilize thermoset and blow molding to push the limits of exactness and precision, achieving far tighter tolerances for a single process than are typically found anywhere else.

    Thermoset is a process well-suited for manufacturing products that must be strong, rigid and withstand severe environments or conditions. MMD offers three kinds of thermoset plastic molding:

    1. Transfer
    2. Compression
    3. Injection

    Our broad expertise in thermoset and blow molding enables us to develop innovative technologies by accurately choosing the right equipment for the right application, offering secondary operations both in-line and off-line, based on customer requirements.

    We work with a variety of thermoset compounds and can work with your engineers to develop the right molding process to achieve your desired results. We also have the equipment to tackle applications from 80 to 800 tons.

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Delivering Impact

Our innovative processes enable us to deliver results with speed and efficiency.