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Process Excellence

Expertise Across a Broad Range of Capabilities

First and foremost, our focus enables us to specialize in molding high-volume, low-mix plastic parts for a range of industries. We bring a deep understanding in accurate, tight tolerance molding programs (including transfer) to maximize efficiencies for existing parts and products, across a range of materials.

Having proven expertise in high-volume thermoplastic injection molding, blow molding and thermoset molding enables innovation to take shape early in the process.

  • Moldmaking

    Our deep roots in high-cavitation mold design and build enable us to maintain and repair molds on-site – enhancing the entire molding process and ensuring design for manufacturability.

  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding

    We specialize in high-volume thermoplastic injection molding with presses ranging from 33 tons to 660 tons. Our injection molding capabilities include:

    • High-speed injection molding
    • Insert and over-molding
    • Two-shot injection molding
    • Highly automated injection molding work cells
  • Blow Molding

    We specialize in extremely high-volume, complex blow molding applications. With press sizes ranging from 22 to 190 tons, Solidify Manufacturing offers the ability to mold part sizes that range from approximately one-half pound to 25 pounds. Our blow molding presses include:

    • Continuous Extrusion
    • Accumulator Head
  • Thermoset Molding

    Well-suited for manufacturing products that must be strong, rigid and withstand severe environments or conditions, Solidify Manufacturing offers three kinds of thermoset plastic molding ranging from 80 to 800 tons:

    • Transfer
    • Compression
    • Injection
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Delivering Impact

Our innovative processes enable us to deliver results with speed and efficiency.