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Strategic Planning

The Business of Manufacturing: A Holistic Approach

At Solidify Manufacturing, we leverage our experience in solving a broad range of manufacturing challenges across processes and industries to analyze a customer’s supply chain configuration. Doing so allows us to optimize production efficiencies, spend and outsource partners’ real contribution to value. We work directly with customers to understand opportunities to drive down cost, identifying how to maximize efficiency of production.

We leverage our deep industry knowledge to:

  • Understand a customer’s “basket of production” to evaluate current part production and the allocation of programs and resources across outsource partners.
  • Engage in business-level discussions that help customers create a strategic supply chain that drives the greatest value.
  • Identify programs in which Solidify Manufacturing can drive the greatest value, leveraging our focus, expertise and competencies to produce high-quality parts on time, and at a price that crushes the competition.
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Delivering Impact

Our innovative processes enable us to deliver results with speed and efficiency.