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Delivering Impact

Redefining the Standard of Quality

At Solidify Manufacturing, it starts with manufacturing better than anyone else to produce quality outcomes – at every stage, every time. Once the standard, over time it has become the exception. We drive the greatest value for you through our unwavering commitment to process, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This approach enables us to continuously deliver customers optimal outcomes in these four areas:

High-quality parts, on time, priced right Rarely is a company able to offer all three benefits at the same time. Our discipline and selectivity guarantee that we do. It starts with manufacturing better than anyone else – and developing the right process to exceed expectations – delivering high-quality parts on time, every time – at an affordable price.
Radically reducing costs When it comes to high-volume, long-run jobs, our commitment to process, efficiency and customer satisfaction means investing in the resources to create the greatest sustainable outcomes. Ultimately, this results in pricing that beats the competition.
Enhanced customer responsiveness Customers can expect a high level of transparency and communication throughout the entire process, allowing us to stay in front of potential issues to deliver high-volume, high-quality parts on time. Solidify Manufacturing also collaborates with customers to evaluate their entire supply chain portfolio and recommend where to reduce costs.
Dedication to continuous improvement Performing iterative, continuous improvements throughout each process enables us to deliver substantial long-term savings by decreasing labor, lowering maintenance costs and executing fewer changeovers within dedicated work cells.